WORKPARTS TO CREATE JINGLES is a website run and maintained by Air Media. We create imaging workparts, effects for radio jingles and voice over artists. Air Media has been established since early 2005 with the aim of providing imaging workparts and elements to internet radio stations, podcasts and low powered community radio worldwide.


Male Voice Overs

Alistair Reeves is our main voice over guy at Air Media, he provides a warm and an energetic style for radio sweepers, promos and commercial advertising.Radio Jingles

Radio Production

Audio production is at the heart of Air Media and we have produced news/weather music and backing tracks.Radio Imaging Library

Imaging Elements

When you listen to a fully produced jingle sweeper, they are 3 key elements you should hear. 1 The voice over 2 The sweeper imaging effects and 3 The backing music bed. Air Media creates all the effects, beds and workparts to produce radio station jingles.Radio Imaging Effects

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